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Ciao a tutti!! Welcome to October- Italian Heritage Month.


Let us recall and honor our ancestors that came to America in pursuit of economic
opportunity, religious freedom, and hope for a better life. As we all
know, Italians and Italian-Americans are known and respected not only
for our food but also for our energy and passion. Let us continue to
preserve, protect, and perpetuate our heritage through our celebrations
this month, especially Columbus Day. The coronavirus
may impede our travel, cause us to wear a mask, and stay socially
distant, but it cannot affect our love and passion for our families,
friends, and Italian heritage.

Molte grazie e Dio vi benedica!!

Frank N. De Frank, M.D.
President, UNICO National

Columbus: Facts and Fiction

Click this link to view a Youtube video of an academic account of Christopher Columbus that will inform viewers of truisms and dispel the falsehoods that surround Columbus with historical facts, not unproven rhetoric.

Other Links:


Secretary Scalia on Columbus and Our American Heritage

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By now every member should have received the 2021 UNICO Calendar that was mailed along with the latest ComUNICO magazine. This is the first year that every member across the country has received the calendar delivered to their home mailing address.
I want to thank those responsible for coordinating this endeavor and I am pleased with the look and with the photos that appear in it. As most should know, all of the photos in the calendar were taken by our UNICO members with their travels to Italy. A thank you to them for sharing their experiences and it is now the perfect way for us to visit and see Italy from within our own homes.
Please consider sending in your digital photos if you were able to visit Italy with a description of where it was taken and what it is of and in landscape view please. 
Also please consider being a proud sponsor in the 2022 calendar which is already in the process of being put together. More information on sponsoring and supporting our National and Foundation Chairs can be seen on the inside back page of the 2021 calendar.
Thank you always for your support to UNICO National and also within your own communities.



The UNICO National mission is to promote the image of Italian Americans along with Italian heritage and culture by supporting charitable, scientific, cultural, educational, and literary projects.


The men and women of our many chapters across the country devote their time, energy and resources to serve their local communities. They also support UNICO National causes such as scholarships, Cooley’s Anemia, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and Cancer Prevention and Research.

Founded in 1922 by Dr. Anthony P. Vastola in Waterbury, Connecticut to unite people of Italian heritage in an organization to perform charitable, patriotic and educational deeds.


UNICO’s motto is “Service Above Self”. UNICO means “unique” or “only one of its kind” in Italian and additionally, the letters represent: U-Unity, N-Neighborliness, I-Integrity, C-Charity and O-Opportunity.

UNICO National Past President Mike Spano continues to support St. Jude's Hospital despite not being able to volunteer in person at the FedEx-St. Jude Invitational World Golf Championship in Tennessee.

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A huge thank you to Wethersfield UNICO for dropping off lunch for us today! It was much appreciated, especially on a day like today.

Montville NJ UNICO donated $3,000 in restaurant  gift cards to the outreach program and food pantry of St. Peter's Church to help feed the hungry in this time of need.  

Returning to Service

UNICO Chapters are starting to safely meet in person after several months. Here is the Pequannock, New Jersey chapter meeting outdoors.

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