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APRIL 1, 2020


To All UNICO Members,


Weekly UNICO National update!!


The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected and changed all our lives. Essentially all UNICO events for the next month or more have been cancelled as our government has extended the "social distancing" order until at least April 30. However, some UNICO business continues:


1- The National Office continues to be closed for the time being. We will keep you posted weekly. Should you have a situation that requires National Office attention, please contact our Executive Director, Sal Benvenuti at (973) 985-6772.

2- The deadline for filing proposed amendments to the UNICO National constitution remains April 14th, 2020.

3- We are aware of potential issues regarding national dues because of the coronavirus pandemic. We will take this into consideration and provide additional information by the end of April.

4- A group of us continues to work on the acquisition and organization of Italian Heritage presentations to be used at chapter meetings.

5- The Wethersfield (CT) Chapter has made a commitment on behalf of their members to create 200 $25 gift cards that will be redeemable at local restaurants to support the restaurants and help feed their community.


We ask that everyone keep in their thoughts and prayers our family and friends in Italy and all UNICO members (and their families) that are ill, including John DiNapoli (Immediate Past President of the UNICO Foundation), Ray D'Uva from the West Essex Chapter, and Gene Antonio from the Belleville Chapter.



We are asking all members to follow the health and safety recommendations from the CDC and your local government. The health and safety of our members is our primary concern. Remember- "fear is contagious; so is hope."


Molto grazie e Dio vi benedica!!


Frank N. De Frank, M.D.

President, UNICO National


The UNICO National mission is to promote the image of Italian Americans along with Italian heritage and culture by supporting charitable, scientific, cultural, educational, and literary projects.


The men and women of our many chapters across the country devote their time, energy and resources to serve their local communities. They also support UNICO National causes such as scholarships, Cooley’s Anemia, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and Cancer Prevention and Research.

Founded in 1922 by Dr. Anthony P. Vastola in Waterbury, Connecticut to unite people of Italian heritage in an organization to perform charitable, patriotic and educational deeds.


UNICO’s motto is “Service Above Self”. UNICO means “unique” or “only one of its kind” in Italian and additionally, the letters represent: U-Unity, N-Neighborliness, I-Integrity, C-Charity and O-Opportunity.

UNICO Foundation Scholarship Program Accepting Applications

The UNICO Foundation Scholarship Program offers several scholarship opportunities for undergraduates, students pursuing graduate studies, students pursuing nursing studies, Italian studies, study abroad, and more. Applications are now being accepted. For more information click this link.

Deadline to apply extended to May 15.

UNICO looks to expand in Florida

UNICO National currently has two chapters in Florida: Greater Tampa Bay and Highland Beach. We are looking to start new chapters in Orlando and Naples. Contact Florida I District Governor Frank LoRe Jr. (franklore0046@hotmail.com, 201-401-1077) or Expansion Director Joe Nasello (JMNasello@aol.com, 201-394-0793) for further information.

"People with Cooley’s Anemia are living longer, fuller lives thanks to UNICO’s long-time support of the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation."

Craig Butler, National Executive Director

Cooley's Anemia Foundation


“UNICO National has been an exceptional supporter of cancer research and its contributions are allowing significant advances.” Randy Karsten, Managing Director, V Foundation

Did you know you can order UNICO Merchandise?

At every UNICO National meeting Lou and Celeste Pandolfi of the Kearny, NJ chapter set up the "UNICO Store". But you don't have to go to a national meeting to purchase UNICO hats, shirts, pins, and more. Click this link to see a sampling of the merchandise available and the contact information to purchase.

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